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4 Great Ideas to Market Your Explainer Videos

Making your explainer video is just the first step. The most important step is getting it out there in front of your target audience. That’s where marketing comes in. Customers search videos to help them make good buying decisions. And experts predict that video will attribute to 69% of all customer traffic by 2018. That’s why you need to take explainer video promotion’ seriously. That said, here are ideas to market your explainer videos:

Include explainer video links in your email outreach

Most businesses promote their products and services, as well as engage their customers by sending out monthly newsletters that are chockfull of useful information through email. You can leverage this strategy to showcase your explainer videos. While social media is the flashy way to promote your explainer videos, email marketing still rocks. You can do this by adding an explainer video in an email subject line. Email marketing has been proven to increase CTR by 65%, open rates by 19% and unsubscribers by 25%.


Use forums to promote your explainer videos

These days, people take advantage of the internet to find answers to their questions. And the best way to get answers to your questions is through questions and answers platforms like Quora and Yahoo Answers. Sign up for these forums and start answering questions. Once people know you, you can start promoting your explainer videos. The cool thing about Quora is that they allow video links. In fact, they encourage it.


Promote your explainer videos on Facebook

Facebook video promotion is increasingly becoming popular with markets and business owners alike. All you have to do is optimize your explainer videos for Facebook social news feed and then link to your homepage. You’ll only need to pay pennies per click, but you’re sure to drive quality traffic to your business website.


Pinning your explainer videos to your twitter feed

Many people think Twitter is just a platform for 140 characters responses. You can leverage it to showcase your explainer videos. Supercharge your Tweet with an excellent video thumbnail, related hashtags, and quality descriptions and pin the Tweet on your Twitter feed. When someone lands on your Twitter profile, they are likely to click on your explainer videos and view them. The good thing is that Twitter marketing is free.

There are other ways to promote your explainer videos, including video press release, and marketing at live events. Promoting your video helps drive a lot of traffic to your business website; which is why you must take video marketing seriously.


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