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4 Powerful Techniques to Optimize Your Explainer Videos for Search Engines

While marketing your explainer videos on social media, forums and other platforms is good, searching engine optimization is the best strategy, by far. The good thing about traffic generated from search engines is that it’s qualified which means the traffic will likely convert. That’s why you should put more effort into optimizing your explainer videos to rank high on search engines. These explainer video optimization tips will help them rank high in search engines:


1)   Using custom thumbnails for your explainer videos

Statistically, strong images hypnotize consumers to want to know more. Humans are naturally visual, and when they see something they like, they tend to go deeper to learn more about it. That’s why you have to take the time to optimize your video thumbnails if you hope to capture the attention of viewers. The rule is to make the image clear, high-resolution, and create a customized thumbnails that align with your brand. Other tricks to optimize your video thumbnails include using visual cues, utilizing close-up of faces to enhance visual appeal and ensuring the images reflect the content.



2)   Include metadata in your explainer videos

Metadata include Meta tags and Meta descriptions. This involves good and skillful utilization of keywords, ensuring that your chosen keywords are what most people use to search products and services online, and boosting your search result with high-value content. The starting point is usually the title. Make the title great. It positively represents your brand. It’s natural that the description should highlight the good aspects of your brand or products and services.

Tags are keywords that describe your product. They should come from the words most people use to search products and services online. Use the entire 120 character limit to describe your products and services comprehensively. 


3)   Use annotations on your explainer videos

Annotations can help you to augment your explainer videos. They play a key role in engaging your audience. Annotations include adding a speech bubble, a note, title, spotlight or pausing a video at the right time.


4)   Optimize your Explainer video’s YouTube channel

The whole YouTube channel experience can help you with search engine rankings. You can focus on the following to take you your YouTube channel experience up a notch; channel name and icon, description and art, channel trailer video, social links, incorporating other channels to promote, curating your explainer videos into sections and setting up in-video programming.


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