Reasons Why Explainer Video Templates Can Damage Your Brand Reputation

The rate of technological growth doesn’t give room to sit back if you’re running a business. We are constantly exposed to new information both online and offline. This calls for adopting a whole new approach to connect with your audience, as even the best content doesn’t move customers these days. Explainer videos are not exempted [...]

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4 Powerful Techniques to Optimize Your Explainer Videos for Search Engines

While marketing your explainer videos on social media, forums and other platforms is good, searching engine optimization is the best strategy, by far. The good thing about traffic generated from search engines is that it’s qualified which means the traffic will likely convert. That's why you should put more effort into optimizing your explainer videos [...]

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4 Great Ideas to Market Your Explainer Videos

Making your explainer video is just the first step. The most important step is getting it out there in front of your target audience. That’s where marketing comes in. Customers search videos to help them make good buying decisions. And experts predict that video will attribute to 69% of all customer traffic by 2018. That’s [...]

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