Are you planning to create a killer animated video? Well, the first step in creating animated explainer video is writing a wooing script. However, the backbone of your video is the animated video maker software you use in developing it.

If you select low-quality software, getting a high-quality video can only happen in your dream. Obvious you are aware of the input-output policy. The quality of your inputs will equate to the state of the output.

As you know, the primary goal of your videos is to attract prospects and turning them into customers. Hence, selecting topnotch animated video maker software is crucial.

Here are the top software for making animated explainer videos:


If you are looking for animated video maker software that enables you to make effective and efficient videos, the Goanimate is your taste. The software offers you both free and paid options which differ regarding features availed to you.Also, Goanimate software is easy to use for any users. So, even though you’re first time user, it will be a walk in the park in creating your first animated video. Also, you do not need to be a technical guru to make a wooing video.

Importantly, the software allows you to develop voiceover narrations for your video through the use of lip-syncing and voice-over narration feature. As such, all you need is to input the words, and they will automatically be synced with the narrator.

You can drag and drop sound effects and set the timing of your voiceover narrations. Hence, if you are looking for a software to make personalized animated videos, then Goanimate is here for you.


At times, you want to make a quality animated video, but you are unable to meet the high budgets of accessing animation video software. If this describes you, Powtoon is the way to go. The software is super easy to use for any ordinary user.

The good thing is that the software is free meaning you do not pay a dime to create your animated explainer videos. Also, unlike other software that is primarily designed for animated videos, Powtoon offers you a choice of creating a video or a presentation.

Besides, sharing your videos on YouTube and another platform is easier as you can download them in the form of MP4 files. Importantly, you need not be a professional video producer or Photoshop expert. All features are available for you and your work is to drag and drop elements you want to use in your video development.


As you know, birds of the same feather flock together. Also, eagles do not have time for a hen company. For this reason, if you consider your company as a top brand, iClone is the best-animated video maker software for you. This software enables you to develop 3D animations and enjoys acclamations from top brands such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Ford, and others.

Furthermore, iClone helps you to save cost for purchasing video equipment and time spent for developing quality animated explainer videos. As such, if you want to cut your marketing campaign budgets, iClone is your best software. However, you need to invest at least $80 for the basic version or $199 if you are looking for a premium one.

Regardless of this cost, iClone helps you to create explainer videos either from scratch or by using the availed templates. If you are looking for additional features and professionalism in your animated explainer video explanations, iClone is the software for you.

All in all, animated video maker software is fundamental in creating high quality animated explainer videos. As such, depending on your needs and budgets, you can use one of the above top-rated software

It’s not easy to create a good explainer video, but here are some examples of some good ones:

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