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Reasons Why Explainer Video Templates Can Damage Your Brand Reputation

The rate of technological growth doesn’t give room to sit back if you’re running a business. We are constantly exposed to new information both online and offline. This calls for adopting a whole new approach to connect with your audience, as even the best content doesn’t move customers these days. Explainer videos are not exempted in this situation. You just have to create your videos from the ground up to achieve the best marketing results out of them. This article explains why it’s important to create your custom videos rather than relying on explainer video templates:


    Your brand image is your single greatest asset

Explainer video templates can do more harm than good to your brand’s image. You have to always put into perspective that your video is a potent tool to tell prospective customers about your product and service offerings. The best way to get the most out of this situation is to create videos from scratch. Explainer video templates have a bad reputation. They are usually low-quality, and are usually associated with bad and cheap. You always want your product to be the best, that’s why you have to invest the time and money to produce great quality stuff.


    Using explainer video templates will only benefit your competitors

The modern-day shopper will spot a template explainer video in the first second. They will then start to relate it to other mediocre product explainer videos they’ve watched before. Worse still, they might tune out. To delight the savvy modern day consumer, you have to turn out unique and incredible explainer videos. And creating an explainer video from scratch is the best way to achieve that.


    Explainer video templates will negatively impact your brand awareness

Most business people have been able to fortify their brands by personalizing their explainer videos. Templates won’t allow you to personalize your product explainer videos. However, custom videos will allow you to implement your brand color palette, and enable your viewers to find out the person behind that unique selling proposition. This will, in turn, increase your brand’s awareness.


    An explainer video template may not help with brand identification

Creating explainer videos from the ground up will help you cultivate a strong relationship with your audience. And in this day and age of cutthroat competition in the business environment, this is more important. And the fact that you can customize all elements such as characters, background and more according to your audience’s taste, a custom video is even more important.

These reasons should tell you that explainer video templates don’t work anymore. These days, it’s more about personalizing your videos than just producing any video as long it conveys the message. So desist from using explainer video templates if you can create custom explainer videos.

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